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How do I become a member of the marketing program?

Must make an order for the purchase of Products Company and pay deposit as invoice.

How many orders can I place at the same time on the program «ALL TOGETHER»?

Only one order and at the end to make a new order or to extend this through reinvestment.

How to make payments and receive money from the project?

Each partner will open a personal account and the original map “MASTERCARD” will be sent to each partner company in your email address, и он может снять деньги в банкомате.

What means the company pays bonus compensation?

Revenues from sales of goods of the Company. In this bonus rewards are a major part of the cost items: "Advertising and Marketing".

What is the cycle?

Cycle - this is the way, order passed by the Buyer from the date of posting before entering the bonus compensation. Tourist Office. cycle may consist of 4, 3-x, 2-x or a table orders, depending on, on which orders were placed at the entrance to the buyer's order.

What is verification?

Verification is needed to verify the uniqueness of the party by sending the company scanned copies of passport pages, in t.ch. and a sheet with registration at residence. Для граждан СНГ желательно передать первый лист иностранного паспорта с целью понимания правильного написания имени и фамилии Покупателя.

How can I invite new members?

Including the use of promotional materials (Personal page, Banners), available to consumers in your personal account.

How much money can I fill up the account in the project?

Any. Be sure to send a copy of the payment to support.

Do I need to make some other additional amounts?..

Do I need to make some other additional amounts for the program «All Together» beyond the first installment?

You pay only once on the cycle chosen payment amount for purchased item you have. After receiving the bonus compensation cycle for you to end. When placing an order for the new cycle you have to make an advance payment in the amount depending on the chosen table orders.

Can I get VIP status?..

Могу ли я приобрести VIP статус и разместить свой заказ на Финиш или Премиум стол сразу после регистрации или это возможно только после выхода на вознаграждение и окончания цикла?

Yes, You can do it. In this case, your cycle in the bonus program will finish according to a table or desk with Premium.

Do I need to make the mandatory two invitations?..

Should I be required when purchasing two invitations VIP status and place your order at the finish of a table or desk Premium?

Yes. Qualifications for participation in the marketing program "Together" is compulsory for all. Privilege however there: when passing your order table without personal invitations Your order goes to the bonus compensation, However, it will write-off 400 бонусов за каждого неприглашенного в счет приобретения рефералов у Компании.

What is the number of orders can I place on the program "Together"?

You have the right to issue only one order in the loop. After the cycle you can place an order again at any table Channel.

Can I pick up a car?…

Can I pick up a car with the right options to me immediately after placing an order at one of the tables corresponding channel?

Yes, of course! And it is not just a car, and any of the Company Products. However, you must understand the fact, if you plan to pay for the goods the company produce a combined way, that is out of pocket and receive bonus pay, the company will take your order processing (collection vehicle for you) только когда Вы будете находиться на третьем уровне Финиш стола или втором уровне Премиум стола.

How to become a member of the "All Together"?

For this you need to follow the link Registration pay, corresponding to the orders, on which you place your order.

Can I renew an order to another buyer?

Yes, renewal is possible through job exchanges orders. Go to “Advance orders” – “Exchange orders” to familiarize themselves with the rules and principles of the Exchange.

What is a Coupon?

Coupon - a means of payment in the marketing of the "All Together".

Can I change my sponsor?

Answer: orders only through job exchanges. But the whole structure of the account will pass to his upline.

Do I get a reward for inviting people in the preliminary table?

No. Rewards are given for inviting people only major orders. Preliminary table is qualifying in nature and in the distribution of rewards is not involved.