The list of our advantages over other projects:

Buyer, находящемуся на 3-м уровне FINISH стола предоставляется право для оплаты двух новых заказов, placed only in his desk FINISH, by purchasing the coupon in the amount of 5000 cu. в КРЕДИТ в счет будущих бонусов.

Credit is a huge advantage coupons. Позволяет Вам обналичить деньги, even if you have not entered the remuneration.

Приобретение VIP статуса дает возможность Покупателю разместить свой заказ в любом бонусном столе программы и соответственно попасть на СОКРАЩЕННЫЙ ЦИКЛ. Partner virtually through a cycle once, ie. for example, начиная цикл со СТАРТ стола и заканчивая его в GOLD столе на вершине, and can stay on top of this constantly, Repeat the cycle, consisting of only one three-table, Get on 20 000 cu. again and again! The cost of VIP status for FINISH table - 250 cu, GOLD for the table - 500 cu. To place an order to reduce the cycle, покупатель может неограниченное количество раз, again and again!

If the partner program comes immediately VIP status, то нужно сделать квалификацию – 2 Invited.

The project has a system of internal transfers, трехместный неделящийся стол с вознаграждением 20 000 cu, Exchange orders.

Awarded a bonus for guests over the two partners in the START and FINISH tables in size 100 cu. and 500 cu. GOLD for the invitation to the table.

All Together project offers the best solution for the withdrawal of money: output during 24 hours, no deductions and commissions, personal account with online access, work with the original MasterCard, anonymous cashing ATMs. The maximum commission on the map, regardless of the amount of withdrawal from an ATM – 3,5 dollar.

In the project on an ongoing basis of promotion, "The car 1000 cheaper ".

See you at the top of all of us together, FRIENDS!